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Clock Charm Template

Download Template

You need to change your date format to mm.dd.yyyy
- Go to "Setting->Formatting" then change "Date header format" to mm.dd.yyyy (e.g, 5.20.20008)

Friday, February 29, 2008

How to Fix Search Engine Template

Some of my templates use search engine form, you need to change it before it work. Here'is the tutorial to make your search engine working correctly

Login to Blogger, go to Edit HTML
Find this code :

<div id='footheader'>
<form action='' class='searchform'
<label class='floatl'>search:</label>
<input class='s floatl' name='q' type='text' value=''/>
<input class='searchsubmit floatr' type='submit' value=''/>

Change "YOURBLOGNAME" text with your blog name.
OK, Congrats.....

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Orange Mouse Blogger Template

Purple PS3

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Blue Computer